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Livestock & Pet Transport

Trip Types

Long Distance

Long distance transport is available case by case Spring through Fall. This service is only available for small livestock and pets. Long distance trips are outside of a 300 mile radius of Louisville KY, and are operated in our transport RV for safe long term care.

Short Distance

Short distance transport is available case by case year round. This service is only available for small livestock and pets at this time. Short distance trips are within a 300 mile radius of Louisville KY or may be offered consolidated into one-off trips. These trips may be offered by RV, automobile, or trailer depending on circumstances.

Large Livestock

Large livestock transport will be offered in 2024 for local use only. These trips are offered for equine and cattle in our livestock trailer case by case. These trips will be available only within a 100 mile radius of Elizabethtown KY.

Transport Features

Luxury You Will Love

24/7 Care

Your animals are in a low stress environment having the comfort of human interaction close-by. We offer 24/7 supervision including overnight. We will work around the clock to care for your new family member.

Sanitary Conditions

Climate controlled environment with medical grade air purification and safe exposure blue light sanitation. Bedding, feeders, and waterers are spot cleaned hourly with refreshing. Deep cleans occur between animals and overnight.

Unique Services

We understand certain animals have unique needs on the road. With our experience raising livestock, we are thrilled to offer services including:

   Milking: We offer hand milking 2-3x per day based on your doe's needs on the road. Hands, udders, and equipment are sanitized before and after milking occurs. Milk is safely disposed of unless specifically requested to be fed to a bottle baby you own. 

   Bottle Feeding: We offer bottle feeding 3-4x per day based on the needs of each animal. Bottle's are washed, sanitized, and heated for feedings.

Emergency Prepareness

Raising our own livestock we understand that things can happen at anytime. We stock our rigs with medical supplies for illness, injury, and any other emergency that could occur unexpectedly. 

   We will never administer anything to your animal without permission from the owner. If we cannot reach you at time of emergency the seller/breeder may give us permission.


Upcoming Routes

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